Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Alaska translates workers rights FAQs to Filipino for OFWs

Filipino workers in Alaska can now read about their rights in Filipino after the State Department of Labor and Workforce and Development of Alaska translated employee "frequently asked questions" pamphlets to several languages.

report on KTOO said the move was made to accommodate the state's significant population of Filipino residents.

The pamphlet contains 23 items answering inquiries such as basic wage, overtime pay, wage deductions, and minimum-wage eligible employees, the report said.

Wage and Hour Administration supervising investigator Joe Dunham told KTOO that the pamphlet was designed to inform Filipino workers of possible labor violations they may have missed due to cultural differences.

“What turns out to be common in their culture turns out to be a violation in ours and very often, neither the employer nor the employee even knows about it," Dunham said.

Census data counted 19,394 single-heritage Filipinos and 25,424 mixed-heritage Filipinos living in Alaska, making them the largest Asian population in the state in 2010.

KTOO's data from the 2010 census indicated that 2.6 percent of households in the borough of Juneau spoke Filipino at home while 17 percent of the population in the Kodiak borough comprised of Filipinos.

As from Filipino, the pamphlets were also translated to Yup’ik, Korean and Spanish, the report said. Rie Takumi/KBK, GMA News 

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