Wednesday, February 1, 2017

FilAms remind Duterte that govt needs to serve overseas Pinoys

The National Alliance for Filipino Concerns (NAFCON), an alliance of Filipino organizations and individuals in the United States, on Tuesday reminded President Rodrigo Duterte that the Philippine government needed to serve Filipino immigrants given the "racial discrimination, fear of deportation, and lack of support" these immigrants face.
Responding to Duterte's earlier declaration that he would “not lift a finger” to help Filipinos in the US in the face of US President Donald Trump immigration ban, the NAFCON statement reminded Duterte that the he himself had said that he planned to improve the Philippines so that leaving the country would be a choice, and not a need for survival. 
"He knows full well that Filipinos are forced to leave because of unemployment and poverty,” said NAFCON Secretary General AV David.
“While we welcome Duterte’s pronouncements that he will consider offering sanctuary to refugees affected by Trump’s Muslim ban, we challenge him to see the same humanity in Filipinos abroad. Many are already sharing heightened experiences of racial discrimination, fear of deportation, and lack of support,” added David. 
NAFCON thus called on Philippine Consulates in the US to provide free legal services and serve as a “Know Your Rights” resource for Filipino communities. 
“The Philippine government must provide timely and sufficient services to Filipinos abroad, and ultimately create conditions in the Philippines such as ending contractualization and creating industries that provide jobs so that Filipinos will not need to leave the country to feed their families,” the statement concluded. — DVM, GMA News

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