Thursday, July 27, 2017

‘Pakamatay ka na!’

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FEATUREDSison & DuterteSison & Duterte
“PAKAMATAY ka na lang,” President Rodrigo Duterte  told Jose Maria Sison as he pressed his word war with the founder of the Communist Party of the Philippines.
He said that he would be doing the Royal Norwegian Government a favor by doing so.
“Sison, tumanda ka na lang diyan, ayaw mo pa aminin na may sakit ka. Maawa ka naman sa Norwegian government, pakamatay ka na lang,” Duterte said during the ceremonial turnover of financial assistance to the families of the fallen soldiers and policemen killed in Marawi City Tuesday evening.
Duterte had claimed in his State of the Nation Address on Monday that Sison had colon cancer.
Sison however denied the claim, calling Duterte a liar.
Duterte also said that Norway’s sponsorship of talks between the Philippine government and the NDFP had become a political issue there, with the Norwegian Parliament set to hold its elections on September 11.
Duterte also expressed regret inviting the NDFP consultants and other communist leaders to a dinner in Malacañang.
“Bakit hindi ninyo nilason?” he addressed his staff.
Earlier on Tuesday, Sison also questioned Duterte’s health.
“Kung makakuha siya ng magagaling na doktor baka maayos pa ‘yung pag-iisip niya,” Sison said.

‘Distorted perception’
Malacanang yesterday chided the Reds for its “distorted perception” of President Rodrigo Duterte’s actions amid the current simmering rift between the President and the Left.
“I think they have it — they have [a] distorted perception of what the President is doing. Basically, the President has been very open. He has actually engaged them,” presidential spokesperson Ernesto Abella said in his regular briefing.
Abella issued the statement after the Left announced an all-out resistance to what it called the United States-Duterte regime.
Abella stressed that Duterte “bent over backwards” to pursue peace negotiations with the Communist Party of the Philippines through its negotiating arm, the National Democratic Front of the Philippines.
He added that Duterte decided to drop the negotiations when he realized that his goodwill had not been reciprocated by the CPP-NDFP.
“Apparently, he (Duterte) doesn’t perceive that there is a common response, that there is a commensurate response [from the CPP-NDFP],” Abella said.  “The fact is, the President  has been quite open and has actually engaged that party.”
In a statement, the CPP accused Duterte of assuming “the role of the neo-colonial client-state of the US imperialists.”
“The US-Duterte regime is bound to face the Filipino and Moro people’s all-out resistance and is risking a fate worse than the detested US-Marcos dictatorship,” it said.
The declaration was made after Duterte lambasted the communists, including CPP founder Jose Maria Sison, during his second State of the Nation Address on Monday and in his speeches thereafter.

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