Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Tagalog most spoken foreign language in California, Nevada, Washington

A recent study showed that Tagalog is the most common foreign language spoken in California, Nevada and Washington next to Spanish.
The study, conducted by 24/7 Wall St. and published on July 1, 2017, also said a total of 832,024 California residents speak Tagalog at home, 74,337 in Nevada and 62,201 in Washington.
Tagalog, described in the study as the "base for the Filipino language," is also one of the six languages with over a million speakers in the entire United States, the others being Chinese, Vietnamese, French, Korean, and German.
24/7 Wall St. said it determined the most commonly spoken foreign language in each state by reviewing data from the US Census Bureau’s 2015 American Consumer Survey on languages spoken most often at home.
The study did not include Spanish as it is the most commonly spoken language in nearly every US state after English. —KBK/KVD, GMA News

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