All Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) are advised of the passage of the Italian Parliament of Law No. 92 (Law 92) titled Security Package’, and sub-titled ‘Measures for a More Secure Life for the Citizens’.

The new law aims to stem illegal migration by making it more difficult for foreigners to enter Italy if they do not have the proper documentation. Law 92, which effectively makes illegal entry a crime in Italian jurisdiction, has the following provisions/features, among others:

a) Imprisonment from six (6) months to four (4) years and the obligatory arrest of the illegal entrant who will be subjected to a quick trial;
b) Phenomenon of the so-called ‘marriage for convenience’ with the sole purpose of acquiring Italian citizenship;
c) Establishment of a national data bank to ascertain paternity of a person and blood relationships of foreign citizens;
d) Easier expulsions/deportations;
e) Arrest and confiscation of properties transferred through illegal titles to foreigners who are irregularly staying in Italian jurisdiction; and
f) Extension up to eighteen (18) months the period of stay in centers of temporary welcome.

As Italy is a favored destination for OFWs, the circulation of this latest information hopes to prevent or minimize problems arising from illegal migration.