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The Model Overseas Filipino Worker’s (OFW) Family of the Year Award (MOFYA) is an annual event of the Overseas Workers Welfare Administration (OWWA). This 2012 will be its 8th year.  The objective is to give recognition to OFWs and their families who have demonstrated financial stability, steady and enduring family ties, outstanding community service and success in business venture.

The MOFYA focuses on OFWs and their families who have maintained strong family relations, properly harnessed the financial gains from the OFWs’ overseas employment, have educational achievements and exemplary performance in their respective professions, and at the same time have a positive impact in the community where they reside.

Model families will be chosen from each of the country’s seventeen (17) regions, one each in the land-based and sea-based categories.   The National Awardees are then selected from 17 sets of regional awardees.  Two more awardees are conferred special awards: Outstanding Achievement in Community Projects and Outstanding Achievement in Entrepreneurship.

The nomination and selection criteria of the Model OFW Family of the Year award are as follows:

1.    Nomination Criteria   
a.    Head of the Family or Main Provider for the Family;   
b.    Supports the education of a child/ family member/s;   
c.    Known as a solid and stable family in the community; and   
d.    Financial Stability   
2.    Selection Criteria   
a.    Wholesome OFW Family50%  
•    Constancy of positive communication leading to emotional connection, support and maintenance30%  
•    Sharing of responsibilities among OFW Family members      10%  
•    Psycho-social maturity of the children10%  
b.    Civic / community involvement of OFW and Family20%  
•    Advocacies8%  
•    Membership to civic organization / Filipino association4%  
•    OFW and/or family member/s successful community projects4%  
•    Special commendation of OFW and/or family members4%  
c.    Success in OFW and/or Family Member/s Education or Profession20%  
•    Completed education or continuing education of OFW and/or family member/s10%  
•    Special commendation/citation of OFW and/or family member/s10%  
d.    Success in managing Family Finances10%  
•    Successful business enterprise/s6%  
•    With savings and investments4%  
3.  Criteria for the Special Awards are as follows:   
a.  Outstanding Achievement in Community Projects100%  
•    Leadership in the implementation of community projects25%  
•    Impact of projects in the community ( number / % of population affected/benefitted by the project)30%  
•    Leadership in community/people’s organizations: government, non-government and church-based20%  
•    Awards / citations received25%  
b.  Outstanding Achievement in Entrepreneurship100%  
•    Sustainability
          Longest number of years in existence10%  
          Outlets/branches established; expansion20%  
•    Most number of existing business enterprise established15%  
•    Awards / citations received20%  
•    Most number of employment generated20%  
•    Corporate Social Responsibility15%  

Their success stories will serve as a guiding light for others to overcome the difficulties of migration and further enhance the image of OFW Families in the community.

Hurry and nominate your choices for the 2012 Model OFW Family of the Year Award now!