Thursday, December 8, 2016

New web service allows OFW families to 'request' for remittances

Families of Filipinos working in the United States can control the frequency and form in which they receive remittances through the new "request" function by digital money transfer provider, Xoom.
Xoom's new "request" feature allows users outside of the US to send requests for necessities like food, utilities or healthcare expenses through the web on any smartphone, tablet or computer.
The new feature is available for remittance beneficiaries in 29 countries across Latin America, Europe and Asia, including the Philippines.
Requests can also be used for reloads for Globe, Smart and Sun prepaid mobile phones and bills payment for PLDT and Smart postpaid mobile phones.
Users can keep track of their requests on the website, where they can "Request Money," "Request a Mobile Reload," or "Request Bill Pay."
John Kunze, Xoom vice president, said the feature seeks to replace the inefficient systems in remittances that "leave the onus primarily on senders" with a simple function that gives puts control in the hands of remittance beneficiaries .
“We want to facilitate the cross-border exchange of money for both senders and beneficiaries all over the world,” Kunze said. "With the new ‘request’ feature, control is in the hands of remittance beneficiaries who now have a central digital service to manage this line of financial support that is so critical to their daily lives.” Rie Takumi/KBK, GMA News

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