Monday, December 5, 2016

Young Fil-Am daredevil back to scaling high-rises again

The Filipino-American teenager who was arrested in 2014 for illegally climbing the World Trade Center has repeated his fearless stunt, this time involving several other high-rise buildings in New York. 
Justin Casquejo was seen perched on top of secure locations across Manhattan in several videos and pictures compiled by various news sites.
report on said Casquejo climbed Central Park South Tower, a building still under construction, and other skyscrapers in Times Square, Columbus Circle, and near the Empire State Building.
New York Post report quoted, a popular blog by the city's firefighters, as saying saying that "highly trained technical-rescue resources" will get tied up and "put members at risk" should the teen's antics fail at any point.
"In this day [and] age, this is completely unacceptable," it added.
Former NYPD detective Joe Giacalone echoed the sentiment to ABC 7, adding that Casquejo endangered his life and those who may have to rescue him with his stunts, which he believes were fueled by social media.
"You have to put them at risk for having to rescue this kid, and the second thing is while they're doing this, there could be another emergency they couldn't get to. So this affects the whole city," Giacalone said.
Casquejo extensively documented his stunts on his Instagram account and, in his captions, encouraged people to live their lives to the fullest. He also invited them to check out his YouTube channel.

A number of other climbers are linked to Cosquejo and have documented their illegal exploits with him on their respective social media accounts.

Casquejo was sentenced to nearly a month of community service and counseling after he climbed to the top of the 104th floor of One World Trade Center in March 2014.
Less than a month after he was sanctioned for the stunt in September, Casquejo was charged for reportedly resisting arrest and defiant trespassing after being spotted on top of New Jersey's Weehawken Water Tower in October. Rie Takumi/KBK, GMA News

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