Thursday, October 8, 2015

OWWA Extends Scholarship to Dependents of Deceased OFW Members

Children of  OFWs who are `active’ OWWA members at the time of their death are eligible to avail  of financial aid thru the Education and Livelihood  Assistance Program  or ELAP.
According to OWWA Officer-in-Charge Albert Q. Valenciano, what makes the education-cum-livelihood program for  dependents of deceased members very helpful to the family of the OWWA member  is that  the educational support  can start at any level  from elementary, high school or college, depending on  what school level the qualified dependent is enrolled in.   
“Kung sakali pong ang OWWA member na  may  ‘active’ status ay namatay maging dito o  sa ibang  bansa, makatatanggap ang pamilya ng mga kaukulang  benepisyo mula sa ahensiya. Bukod pa rito,  kung  ang anak  ng namatay ay nasa elementarya, siya  ay mapag-aaral sa ilalim  ng ELAP ng  OWWA hanggang makatapos siya  ng kolehiyo,” OIC Valenciano  explained.
The OWWA Officer-in-Charge  added that  aside from schooling,   the deceased  members’ qualified dependents are  likewise  eligible  to  ELAP’s livelihood package worth P15,000.00 to   start a small business  to  serve as the family’s  additional source of income. For  married  members, only one child, usually first-borns, is entitled to avail of the said privilege.    
On the other hand, single OFW members’ beneficiaries for  ELAP’s  livelihood component are the parents, either the mother or the father, while  one  of  the active members’  sibling,  is entitled to the scholarship grant.     
“ELAP’s impact to the family of the deceased OWWA member, especially  those who graduated from college with Latin honors,   is  very  inspiring .  Considering the fact  that the loss of their OFW   relative is permanent, the  sad situation did not deter these kids to continue their studies and bring home the bacon, so to speak.  These young  people’s  determination bespeaks of  their inner strength. Their  story   truly  touches  one’s heart and earn one’s respect,” the OWWA OIC  said.
For 2015, ELAP enrollees for elementary totaled 757; high school, 934; college, 1,015.  The educational assistance produced 140 graduates, a number of whom graduated with Latin honors.   
This year,  OWWA  achievers include 3 ELAP availees who  brought home  medals for   scholastic  excellence when they finished  their   baccalaureate degrees  with  Latin Honors in Political Science, AB English and BS Tourism. 

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