Monday, October 3, 2016

Fil-Ams among members of Donald Trump's AAPI advisory panel

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump has announced his Asian Pacific American Advisory Committee.
The women and men – including five Filipino Americans — on the committee are elected, appointed and grassroots leaders who will engage Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders (AAPI) on relevant issues to these important and vibrant communities, according to a press statement.
The FilAms who were appointed to the advisory committee include:
  • former Congressman Steve Austria;
  • Brunswick, OH Mayor Ron Falconi;
  • Pastor Herman Martir;
  • Utah Attorney General Sean Reyes; and
  • Virginia Delegate Ron Villanueva

Column 1: Ron Falconi, Ron Villanueva; Middle column: Sean Reyes; Column 3: Herman Martir, Steve Austria
Governors Eddie Calvo and Ralph Torres of Guam and Northern Mariana Islands (NMI) respectively, will serve as the committee’s co-chairs.
The committee members will support and strengthen ties to each community and provide recommendations on how best to ensure AAPI voices are heard and included in the Campaign.
Furthermore, the committee’s formation represents Mr. Trump’s and Governor Pence’s commitment to AAPI communities.
Mr. Trump and Governor Pence will meet with members of the committee and AAPI leaders to discuss growing concerns over educational opportunities, employment and the economy, which are of paramount concern to AAPI families across this nation. Mr. Trump understands the critical role Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders play in the growing and providing for an energetic economic base which has been lacking over the past eight years of Obama/Clinton policies.
“Mr. Trump’s Asian American and Pacific Islander Advisory Committee is a great addition to the vibrancy of his campaign,” said Brunswick, Ohio Mayor Ron Falconi. “His ability to connect with everyday Americans is a testament of his character, and what he wants to do to bring America forward from the past eight years.”
Dr. Lisa Shin said, “The Trump/Pence ticket will bring meaningful change to Washington. No longer will DC bureaucrats decide what’s best for Asian American and Pacific Islander families.
Supporting Mr. Trump and Governor Pence will allow AAPIs to truly have a voice in how we want to educate our families and raise our children.” — FilAm

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