Thursday, October 27, 2016

Pinay’s adobo takes top prize in Japanese soy sauce contest

A Filipina living in Saitama prefecture int he Greater Tokyo area emerged victorious in the 8th Soy Sauce Recipe & Story Contest held at the Royal Park Hotel on September 30, The Japan Times reported.
Clair Ocampo's dish, pork back ribs adobo and banana with burned brown sugar, outdid 74 other non-Japanese contestants to win the Gold Prize.
"I have loved adobo since my childhood. I used soy sauce and brown sugar to better bring out the pork’s flavor. Also, to give it an interesting taste, I used hakkaku spice and laurel leaves. My dish is unique and original," Ocampo was quoted saying.
Coming in second is Justin de Jesus, another Pinoy living in Saitama. He cooked a  "Philippine beef steak with a yuzu citrus and soy sauce flavor."
De Jesus shares the Silver Prize with Canadian Florence Zappia, who made "deep-fried, stewed eggplant with Italian sauce."
The competition was organized by the Japan Soy Sauce Association in commemoration of World Soy Sauce Day on October 1. Judging the dishes were Hattori Nutrition College president Yukio Hattori, cooking critics Remi Hirano and Akiko Watanabe, and Royal Park Hotel head chef Isao Iimura.  Aya Tantiangco/BM, GMA News

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