Friday, May 6, 2016

Another Pinay struggles to bring deaf daughter to Canada

Windy Palmiano and daughter. Photo from
A Filipina caregiver is reaching out to Canadian politicians in order to bring her deaf 15-year-old daughter to Canada, after authorities there ruled that the child is medically inadmissible and may pose burden to taxpayers.
Windy Palmiano made the move after Canada's Citizenship and Immigration sent her a letter in March rejecting her request for permanent residency for her daughter Argelline, who is currently in the Philippines, according to an article of CFJC Today.
According to the letter dated March 24, Argelline's deafness rendered her "medically inadmissible on health grounds because her health condition might reasonable be expected to cause excessive demand on health or social services."
The letter explained that the department came to this conclusion after examining Palmiano's application under the Live-in Caregiver class.
Talosig eventually triumphed in 2015 after immigration officers approved her application on the grounds that her daughter Jazmine did not "cause excessive demand on health or social services."
The CFJC Today article said Palmiano had sought help from Member of Parliament Hedy Best, the same parliament member who took Talosig's case, and other organizations for help.
At the moment, the only positive response came from Member of Legislative Assembly MLA Terry Lake's office, which sent Palmiano a letter from the BC Education Ministry that said Argelline will not be a burden on the system.
Palmiano came to Canada in 2011 under the Live-in Caregiver program to provide a better living for Argelline. Her application for permanent residency for the both of them in 2013 was stalled due to her daughter's condition, which she said has not stopped the teenager from enjoying normal activities.
Palmiano's co-workers made a petition on urging Canada's immigration department to reconsider its decision and allow Argelline to reunite with her mother in Canada.
"Windy is a great asset to our community and I know if it were my child I would fight tooth and nail to have her home with me. Argelline also has a hearing impairment that could be taken care of better if she was in Canada," the petition stated. Rie Takumi/KBK, GMA News

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