Monday, January 11, 2016

Mary Jane Veloso's kids to visit her in Indonesia

Mary Jane Veloso, the Filipina on death row in Indonesia for drug smuggling, will have a chance to see her children on Monday, a day after her 31st birthday, migrants' rights group Migrante said Friday.
"The Veloso family and Mary Jane's children are set to visit in Yogyakarta jail on January 11," said Migrante chairperson Connie Bragas-Regalado in a statement.
On January 10, the Save Mary Jane Alliance will celebrate Veloso's birthday with a Mass, symbolic action and gathering in Nueva Ecija, her home province, Regalado said.
Veloso's execution by firing squad was put on hold on the last minute last April after the Indonesian government granted the Philippine government's request to allow her to testify in the hearing against her alleged recruiters in the Philippines.
Regalado dispelled rumors that Veloso was again lined up for execution after the Jakarta Post, citing the National Narcotic Agency, reported that 14 of 55 drug convicts are awaiting their execution at a still undetermined date.
"Migrante's colleagues and sources in Indonesia likewise disputed the reports, saying that the Jakarta Post news article bing cited by local media in Manila contained a general and sweeping statement by the AGO (Attorney General's Office) and did not specifically mention Mary Jane," she said.
She added this was confirmed by officials of the Department of Foreign Affairs.
"They also confirmed that, while Mary Jane remains on death row, her case remains in status quo pending resolution of ongoing legal proceedings in the Philippines," Regalado said.
A meeting was held between DFA officals and Veloso's camp to clear the rumors and to discuss their appeal to celebrate Veloso's 31st birthday last Wednesday.
Migrante said both the DFA and Veloso's legal counsel will monitor the next hearing of Veloso's alleged recruiters, Maria Kristina Sergio and her live-in partner Julius Lacanilao, on March 9.
Sergio and Lacanilao are facing charges for qualified trafficking, large-scale illegal recruitment, and syndicated estafa. Veloso has claimed that she was tricked into bringing the heroin to Indonesia in 2010.

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