Friday, January 22, 2016

Pinay jailed in Singapore for stealing jewelry from employer

A Filipino domestic helper in Singapore was sentenced to jail for stealing expensive pieces of jewelry from her Filipino employer reportedly to fund her gambling habit.
A district court sentenced 48-year-old Mary Jane Importante Escalona to two and a half years in jail for stealing almost $400,000 worth of jewelry, including diamond rings and earrings, from Jose Isidro Navato Camacho, her 60-year-old employer.
report on Straits Times said Escalona, who faced 37 charges, pawned the stolen items and used the money to gamble in casinos. She reportedly pleaded guilty to 12 counts of theft as a servant.
The theft reportedly happened between 2014 and October last year. It was revealed when Camacho reported the incident to the police on October 18 last year and accused Escalona of doing it.
The remaining 25 charges filed against Escalona, including theft of cash and a shopping voucher totaling about $19,000, were taken into consideration, the report said. —KBK, GMA News

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