Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Pinoy in Malaysia receives call from Saudi dad after 15 years

A Filipino expat now living in Malaysia finally received a call from his Saudi father 31 years after the man left his mother, Emirates 24/7 reported on Tuesday.
Elayan Kris Allafi's father called him from Riyadh following the Filipino's appeal through Saudi media. According to Allafi's wife, they are now discussing plans to undertake a DNA test to verify their relation.
Allafi specifically thanked Arab News for the call as it came after his appeal was published last January 2.
The Filipino began his quest to find his father 15 years ago, but only resorted to the media after the Saudi embassy in Manila and Malaysia advised him to "wait for their call."
Allafi said his father left when his mother, whom the Saudi met through a Filipino friend, became pregnant.
“The only evidence I have is my father’s 'love letter' to my mother with his full name from Riyadh. I am willing to go for DNA testing if required,” Allafi told Arab News.
He found his father's brother through Facebook but the latter had become unresponsive.
Allafi stated that he wanted to find his father in order to perform Umrah with his wife at the Two Holy Mosques.
Umrah is a pilgrimage that can be performed by Muslims at any time of the year to Mecca, Saudi Arabia. Allafi converted to Islam in 2005 in Malaysia.
“Thanks to Allah, I am so happy the man is willing to recognize me but wants to be sure that everything goes through the legal process. He expressed his willingness to undergo DNA test," he said.  Rie Takumi/BM, GMA News

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