Monday, January 18, 2016

Pinoy died while longboarding, not hoverboarding, in Dubai

A Filipino earlier reported to have died from a hoverboard-related accident actually died while longboarding in a park in Dubai, a local newspaper reported Thursday.
report posted on the Gulf News website quoted a friend of the victim who said he was on a longboard and not a hoverboard when he hit his head on a lamp post at Mushrif Park.
Newspapers in the Persian Gulf do not fully identify people involved in police cases.
"We have rules in the group that you’re not allowed to ride without complete safety gears such as a full-face helmet and safety pads for the joints," the source identified only as Jonathan said.
Facebook photos obtained by Gulf News supposedly showed the victim adhering to his group's rules.
His passing was briefly declared the second hoverboard-related death in the United Arab Emirates and the first ever in Dubai.
He then said there were earlier cases where people sustained injuries after falling off their hoverboards.
“There has been a similar accident where a rider suffered grave injuries after falling flat on his face because of the board suddenly stopping. We’ve had another case where a rider broke his arm for similar reasons," Al Mazroui said.
It also cited the increase in hoverboard-related injuries noted by the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CSPC) in the United States. — APG, GMA News

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