Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Pinoy killed in three-vehicle collision in Saipan; 2 others hurt

A Filipino construction worker in Saipan died in a hospital on Sunday morning, four days after figuring in a three-car collision that left two other Filipinos injured, reports said.
report on the Saipan Tribune said Romeo Sumilang, 53, was thrown out of the back of a white 1990 Toyota Hilux pickup truck after it was hit by a 2005 Toyota Matrix five-door wagon near a park on Thursday noon.
The wagon also hit a blue Honda Civic, the report said.
Sumilang's head hit the pavement after he was thrown off the truck due to the collision's impact. He was admitted to the Commonwealth Health Center and attached to a life support device before passing away on Sunday.
One of Sumilang's friends told Marianas Variety in a separate report that the victim's CW-1 or nonimmigrant worker permit had just been renewed.
Siblings Abad and Arnel Santos, the truck's Filipino driver and front passenger, were also rushed to the hospital after sustaining various injuries but were later released.
The driver of the five-door wagon responsible for the crash, Wang Yi, appeared before court at a bail hearing on Monday on charges of unsafe turning, unsafe change of lanes and homicide by vehicle.
Associate Judge Joseph N. Camacho maintained the $25,000 bail set for Yi, a music teacher, and ordered him to stay away from seaports and airports, refrain from applying for a second passport, and to return to court if he posts bail.
The preliminary hearing is set on January 15 while the arraignment is set on January 28, the Saipan Tribune report said. Rie Takumi/KBK, GMA News

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