Monday, November 23, 2015

Pinoy held in Malaysia for possession of 3,000 turtle eggs

Malaysian authorities have sent to jail a Filipino after being arrested while in possession of 3,000 turtle eggs.
In its report, the Daily Express identified the arrested Filipino as Kuyuk Lisin, 48.
Lisin was arrested last November 13 in waters off Pemaguan after Malaysian authorities seized 3,000 turtle eggs from his boat.
The Filipino was on his way to Taganak Island in Tawi-Tawi when spotted by Malaysian authorities.
The report said Lisin admitted before Sessions Court Judge Egusra Ali admitted to keeping the 3,000 turtle eggs on his boat.
Lisin was convicted of violating Section 41 (1) of Malaysia's Wildlife Conservation Enactment 1997, which states that no person shall "possess any animal of a species listed in Part I of Schedule 1 or an animal product of an animal listed in Part I of Schedule 1 unless authorized in writing by the Minister."
Turtle egg collection is restricted to certain areas while several species of turtles are under protection of the legislature.
The report said the court sentenced Lisin to one year in prison. Rie Takumi/ALG, GMA News

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