Thursday, April 7, 2016

Pinoy vocalist shortlisted in HK competition

A Filipino band member who joined an online singing contest "only for fun" has ended being shortlisted for the competition.
Garrett Bolden Jr., 24, will be singing live and competing against five contestants from Hong Kong and Singapore in the competition hosted by Singapore's Stari Entertainment in Hong Kong on Wednesday.
"It was so surreal kasi my only intention is to send a video only for fun," said Bolden, who also sings for Accento Band. "Then after a few weeks, I received a message na I'm one of the shortlisted Top 20 for the competition."
Garrett was then asked to submit a video where he sang “Chandelier” by the Australian singer-songwriter Sia. The video qualified him for the Final 6.
"The biggest sacrifice I did for this competition is basically the time I spent for making the videos needed," he said. "I also had to sacrifice my band because with the schedule, I wasn't able to perform with them on our gigs."
Garrett said he will always regard the Accento Band, which has played in as far as Dubai in the United Arab Emirates, in his heart whether or not he wins.
"My band would always be a part of my growth and my path in my music career," he said. "I think leaving is not the right word. I'll always have my band on wherever or whatever I achieved." —Lucky Mae F. Quilao/KBK, GMA News

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