Tuesday, July 5, 2016

LA-based Pinoy wins int'l photography award for park photo

A US-based Filipino photographer received the Family of Man Photographer of the Year Award 2016 given by International Photography Awards Philippines, the Philippine leg of the LA-based International Photography Awards (IPA).
Edwin Loyola bagged the prestigious award among 1,500 entries from Filipinos all over the world, becoming the first to win in this category.
Loyola's winning entry, "Forever," was taken in a Maryland park while he was waiting for his son. For it, he used a converted infrared camera.

The Family of Man competition is inspired by Edward Steichen who, in 1939, was given the assignment to curate a show for the Museum of Modern Art in New York City.
While performing his duty, Steichen asked 30 photographers—including Cartier Bresson, Eugene Smith, and Dorothea Lange—to document the common links of humanity worldwide.
Steichen asked the photographers to photograph the commonalities of Birth, Childhood, Love, marriage, and Death, which are the basic themes of the IPA competition.
The photographic documentation for this exhibition became the biggest-selling photography book in the history of photography.
Loyola, who has been living the US for a decade now, is a professional photographer who had already won numerous awards abroad. It is the first time he joined the IPA, taking pride of being the first to win in the category while completely aware of the concept of Steichen's exhibit, which he saw at in the exhibition at Luxemborg.
"This is perhaps, if not the biggest but the most prestigious so far among the competitions I joined and won. Imagine the photographers winning on this. Most of them are world-famous," he said.  
Past IPA winners include Annie Liebovitz, Steve McCurry, Nick Ut, Jerry Uelsmann and Dabvid Hume Kennerly.
Last year, IPA opened its Philippine leg with a mission to promote Filipino photographers in the global platform and award a master Filipino photographer that is more like equivalent to a National Artist award.
IPA co-producer Cat Jimenez said thanks to social media, many talented Filipino photographers are getting discovered and achieving international reputation.
"Being the co-producer of IPA, I am a proud Filipina from Pangasinan and believe in the talents of my motherland," Jimenez said. —KBK, GMA News

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