Monday, March 6, 2017

Pinay maid caught stealing from employer jumps off 6th floor in Kuwait

A Filipina domestic helper jumped out of her employer's flat on the sixth floor of their building after she was allegedly caught stealing 110 Kuwaiti Dinar, Kuwait Times reported on Thursday.
Speaking to Kuwait Times, the woman, who later admitted to using a fake passport to gain employment in Kuwait as a domestic helper, said she jumped from her employer's flat after they threatened to call the police on her.
According to her, she had accidentally burned her male employer's pants while ironing it and kept the clothing in her cabinet where she had also kept the stolen money. Her employer found both the burned pair of pants and the money in the cabinet when he sought the missing piece of clothing.
While her employers treated her kindly and regularly paid her monthly salary since her arrival last August, the Filipina claimed she was whipped with a belt and confined inside her employer's flat since the discovery of the theft.
Further complicating her case is the fact that she used a fake identity to be employed as a domestic helper in Kuwait. It was later found out that the name on her passport, "Rahima," was not her real name.
The report said the Filipina was a minor who came to Kuwait from Datu Odin Sinsuat in Maguindanao.
The Filipina reportedly admitted working with a local recruiter to get a fake passport with a different name and age.
An official from the Philippine Embassy confirmed that the Filipina was only 17 but is still in the process of verifying the other information she supplied.
The embassy official added that she agreed not to file any complaints against her sponsor as it was her fault. The police, however, had already filed an attempted suicide case against her.
Dr. Celirino ‘Chie’ Umandap, AKO-OFW chairperson, said she had contacted the Office of the President, Justice Secretary Vitaliano Aguire, and Blas Ople Policy Center about the Filipina's case.
Though Omar's story has yet to be verified, Umandap already blamed the recruitment agency that deployed the teen and called for their suspension.
“How do you expect a young girl of her age to handle such a stressful situation? I blamed the local recruitment agency that hired such a teenage girl. It is illegal," he told Kuwait Times.
"The agency should be suspended or banned – or be subjected to investigation. How many more of such cases are here in Kuwait? Remember, even in Kuwait, the allowable age for domestic workers should be at least 24."
GMA News Online has reached out to the Department of Labor and Employment and the Blas Ople Policy Center about the incident.
Labor and Employment Sec. Silvestre Bello III is currently in Dubai to address a few labor cases. —Rie Takumi/KBK, GMA News

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