Friday, February 10, 2017

Filipina accused of stealing over P.5M from Dubai employer

 / 01:57 PM February 09, 2017
A Filipina maid in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, has been accused of stealing her employers’ money stored in a safe, and is awaiting a court verdict.
Last June, the maid’s female employer called up her Syrian husband to say that she was unable to call their 38-year-old Filipina helper from her office. It was later found out that the maid’s phone had been switched off, Gulf News reported.
When the couple returned to their apartment in Al Warqa district, they found out that the maid had fled after stealing Dh44,000 (P597,500) from the safe.
After a few days of hiding, cops nabbed the Filipina, who pleaded not guilty to the charges pressed against her.
“My wife called me around 2:15 p.m. and told me that the maid had not answered her calls and that her mobile phone was switched off,” the man testified. “My wife was also at work. When we went home, we did not find the maid…we also realized that she had opened the safe and stole our money. We notified the police about it.”
A police sergeant investigated the case and the clues pointed to the maid as the suspect.
“During questioning, the maid admitted that she took her passport and ID card from a cupboard and Dh500 from a drawer in the bedroom before she left the flat,” the sergeant told the prosecutors.
Also, the maid told the authorities that she wanted “to return to the Philippines.”
The verdict will be handed out on Feb. 27.  Gianna Francesca Catolico

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