Tuesday, February 21, 2017

UAE-based band survives member's death, comes up with new video

The months after December 2015 had not been good to Up the Ante. For that period, the UAE-based all-Filipino band lost three members, one through a tragic accident.
Bands of lesser resolve would have packed up and moved on to other endeavors. But not Up the Ante. In the words of one band member, they're like "bad weed" or "masamang damo" — it takes a lot to get rid of them.
"We thought we're goners after all we have been through, losing more than half of [our] core members," said band leader, John Mark Cruz.
Following the December 20, 2015, death of the band's bassist, John "Joms" Magno, in a longboarding accident, two members realized they'd rather be doing something else.
"Then our drummer (Dexter) and guitarist (Jigs) went on to have other endeavors in their lives," said Rosette John Balanay. "Although, we still consider them members of Up The Ante, their absence really dealt a great damage to its morale,"
Still, the band persevered, and even "made things better than before," said Balanay.
"We relate ourselves to this saying Mala hierba nunca muere (A bad weed never dies)," he added.
For support and inspiration, the cite the Filipino music community in the UAE, particularly their "brother bands" Project: Prototype and Insekta.
And now, the band has not only survived death and departure, they are also releasing a new video for the song "Until My Lungs Give Out" — a sad, acoustic jam about, yes, persevering during trying times.
"In writing songs we don't actually put boundaries whether a hard rocking song to a chill alternative song," said Balanay. —KBK, GMA News

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