Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Over 200k OFWs In UAE Eagerly Awaits Pres. Duterte’s Visit

Pres. Duterte SpeechExcited doesn’t even begin to describe it. Filipinos across the United Arab Emirates are wildly-anticipating President Duterte’s planned visit.
While Malacanang keeps mum about the planned visit, Mr. George Requerme, President of the OFW Global Movement for Empowerment – Dubai Chapter (OFW-GME) had announced that the official visit may take place on January 25, 26, or 27, 2017.
The venue where the meet would be held is supposed to be capable of accommodating 50,000 people. According to OFW-GME, about 60 Filipino organizations had met with their Dubai chapter to polish the details of the President’s visit. In addition to this, the organization is working towards setting an exclusive meeting with President Duterte through a letter to the Malacanang to tackle pertinent issues such as illegal recruitment and concerns regarding distressed OFWs.
united-arab-emirates-dubai-mountain-dezeen-banOn the May 2016 election, President Duterte garnered a number of 51,879 votes in the UAE, a whopping 83.5% of the the total 62,103 actual votes made in last year’s election.
Ambassador Constancio R. Vingno Jr. claimed that due to President Duterte’s strong fanbase in the UAE, he had been receiving calls of inquiry and voluntary assistance from various OFW groups in the region.  Whether it pushes through or not, OFWs in the UAE would definitely go out of their way to make preparations for President Duterte’s visit. But of course, Overseas Pinoys are more than hopeful that the visit sees the light of day so that the President may personally see the situation of OFWs in the UAE.
The-Filipino-Times_OFWs-2It is important to note that the UAE is among the Top 10 Destinations of Landbased OFWs whose number closely amounts to 230,000 in the region according to the POEA’s most recent statistics.
Imagine what this great of a number of Filipinos sharing their support for President Duterte could do for the success of this event!
With the various noteworthy efforts by the Duterte administration to better the quality of life of Overseas Pinoys, the overwhelming support the President has been getting comes as no surprise.
We are hoping that President Duterte’s visit to the UAE would be marked with great success!

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