Friday, February 24, 2017

Pinoy family's first 150 days in Canada subject of inspirational docu

A public service broadcaster in Ontario has created a documentary chronicling a Filipino family's reunion and struggle to adjust to a new life in Canada as part of its celebration of the North American's country's 150th founding anniversary.
"My First 150 Days," a TVO project that will be premiered on February 23 (Canada time), follows the family of Melona Banico after they immigrated to Toronto from the Philippines.

By working three jobs simultaneously for eight years, Banico successfully sponsored the migration of four of her family members: 26-year-old daughter, Judelyn; 24-year-old son, Jade; 14-year-old daughter, Jeah; and 10-year-old grandson, Clyde.
While they were happy for a period, their life began to fall apart when Banico's children could not find jobs to help pay their expenses and send money to the Philippines, nor adjust to the differences in language and culture.
Filming was also affected as the family began avoiding Dianna Dai, director and writer of "My First 150 Day," for scheduling and other concerns.
A Chinese immigrant herself, Dai said she "had to be more patient than usual" and told the children of her experiences to "make them more relaxed and more comfortable" in addition to playing the mediator between them and their mother.
Dai told Mississauga News that the film celebrates Canada's history as a "nation built by immigrants" by encouraging immigrants to stay strong and find inspiration in the story of the Banico family. Rie Takumi/KBK, GMA News

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