Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Beware of cruise ship recruitment scam

 The Philippine Overseas Employment Administration advises jobseekers to ignore emails offering supposed jobs in international cruise ships. In an email forwarded to the POEA , the sender email informs the recipient of being “shortlisted to become a Cruise group crew here in Ontario Toronto, Canada”. Princess Cruise Ship Company, the purported employer, offers a monthly salary of US$3,500 and US$300 allowance, with free food and accommodation and medical insurance. It also offers free visa and work permit.

 The catch, however, is that the applicant is required to send US$350 to the company’s account officer through a remittance company. The recipient was told to send payment to a certain Kelvin Jacob Sloan of Maple Grove, Minnesota, USA. The sender used the email addresses princess_cruise17@yahoo.com and princess_cruise17@yahoo.com, a telling sign that the job offer is a scam.

The following are other signs that the job offer is a scam: 1. The offer seems too good to be true. You are offered a job that you probably never applied for, with high salaries and a lot of benefits. 2. Grammatical errors. An email from a large company should be free of grammatical errors and spelling mistakes. 3. Requests for fees. Scammers always ask for advance payments supposedly for documentation or processing fees. 4. Free email domains. Scammers will not spend on paid email address and use free email services like hotmail, aim, yahoo or gmail. 5. Suspicious or no addresses. If there is no physical address, you are being scammed. If there is a physical address, check it out using google and see if it’s a real address. 6. Untraceable payment method. The scammer’s most preferred payment method is through remittance companies such as Western Union. Don’t pay anyone advance fees by any means if you have the slightest suspicion it is a scam. 7. Pressure.

Scammers will often put pressure on their victims and urge them to pay immediately or lose the opportunity. The POEA advises jobseekers to be aware of the warning signs and heed them to avoid being the victim of a scam. /END

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