Thursday, April 20, 2017

Good News : Visa no more! Filipinos can go to Korea without a visa

K pop culture has become more and more popular among Filipino teenagers. It is very clear that Filipinos are into Korean movies and telenovelas as well. Not only that, Korea itself is also a fascinating place to visit and explore. Who wouldn’t want to go to Jeju Island?
Recently, majority of Filipinos consider it difficult and exhausting to process for a visa, thus making it roughly difficult to travel. However, the Philippines have has been added b the Korean government in its plans on issuing electronic visas. Filipinos will be allowed to stay in mainland Korea lasting for 5 days, via Incheon or Gimhae Airports, going to Jeju Island. This is according to Philippine Ambassador to Korea Raul Hernandez, in order to increase influx of tourists.
As per Jakarta post “In opposition of last year’s joint decision by the Korea-US alliance to station the Terminal High Altitude Area Defense system here, China has been curbing Chinese tours to Korea. This includes the reported order by Beijing to ban its tourism agencies from selling Korea-related programs.”
Majority of tourists in Korea recorded last year were Chinese nationals, based on statistics, 8 million were Chinese out of 17 million totals of tourists.
There was an increase in Southeast Asian tourists last year that amounted to 200,000 in total.
What are you waiting for?! Korea is now within your reach, with its issuance of the electronic visas. Not only Filipinos but also to Southeast Asian visitors.

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