Monday, April 17, 2017

Song about SAF 44 earns UAE-based Pinoy band front act spot

Besting two other UAE-based Filipino bands in a recently held songwriting competition, a five-man all-Pinoy group has been selected to perform with a Philippine-based hard rock group at the Club Epic, Capitol Hotel in Dubai last week.
"This was our first front act for a major concert of a famous rock band from the Philippines," shared vocalist Rosette John Balanay of Up The Ante in an email.
By "famous rock band from the Philippines" Balanay was referring to Kjwan, which is composed of vocalist Marc Abaya, bassist Kelley Mangahas, guitarist Boogie Romero, drummer Eo Marcos, and keyboardist Enrique de Dios.
“It is exciting! As a songwriter myself, I would like to feel that I have connected to as much lives as I can, and somehow touch their lives in a way that I know... that is MUSIC,” said Balanay, 32, a project officer at Mednet UAE.
For the competition, Up the Ante performed their original song "Fallen," which was dedicated to the 44 members of the Special Action Forces (SAF) who were killed during the infamous January 2015 Mamasapano clash.
Balanay said they learned about the contest through. "[Fellow Pinoy bands] Wikaan Project and Timeo also signed in for the competition," he said.
The Wikaan Project won the 2nd place.
According to Balanay, the criteria for the contest wasn 15 points for the number of Facebook 'likes,' 20 points for the music and arrangement, 20 points for the lyrics and melody, 20 points for the originality, and 25 points for the stage performance.
"Fallen," Balanay said, was not the only original composition they played during the competition.
"'Sick Superiority' is our new song. I wrote it just a week ago and [it] tells a lot about what's going on in the country's politics. This is a statement to enforce democracy and show the world that we can no longer be controlled by those who are hungry for power. That change has come, and it is time to clean the house, throw the garbage, and clear the dust."
Also featured in the concert are Gatilyo and Tsinelas, who co-produced the event.
Balanay said Kjwan is one of their influences in music. --KBK, GMA News

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