Thursday, November 24, 2016

DOCTORS IN UAE EARN MORE Healthcare specialists are highest paid overseas workers — jobs portal

Jobs in the healthcare sector are the highest paid specialization for overseas Filipino workers (OFWs), online jobs platform said Wednesday.

In the 2016 Overseas Jobs and Salary Report, noted overseas Filipinos in the healthcare field, particularly doctors, receive an average monthly salary of P111,620.

Jobs in process design and control are the next highest paid with an average monthly income of P87,027. Public relations and communications specialists are the third highest paid at P83,375 a month.

Other high paying jobs are in the following fields:
  • Aviation/aircraft maintenance – P81,149
  • Law/legal services – P80,500
  • Education/training & development – P62,438
  • Quality control/assurance – P58,463
  • Information technology-related – P57,639
  • Engineering-related - P57,102
  • Architecture/interior design – P55,660

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