Monday, May 29, 2017

Japinoy rikishi reaches sumo's second-highest rank after 10th victory

Filipino-Japanese rikishi Akira Takayasu (ring name Takayasu) was promoted to the penultimate rank in sumo wrestling after winning his 10th match in Japan's Summer Grand Sumo Tournament on Friday.
According to Nikkan Sports, Takayasu defeated Haramafuji Kohei (ring name Fuji) at the Ryogoku Sumo Hall in a hard-fought match that boosted the Japinoy's win-loss record to 10-2, enabling his promotion to Ozeki.
Takayasu told Nikkan Sports that he believes his hard work was rewarded by the difficult victory. He added that while he could not quite grasp his promotion yet, his career will not end at being an Ozeki.
Ozeki is the second-highest rank in sumo wrestling and leads to Yokozuna, sumo's highest rank.
Yutaka Hagiwara (ring name Kisenosato) was the latest rikishi to earn the prestigious rank of Yokozuna in January, which was most celebrated as he was the first Japanese-born Yokozuna in almost two decades.
Takayasu has been featured in a documentary by GMA News' Brigada a few years back. The Japinoy sumo star takes vacations in Visayas with his Boholano-raised mother, Bebelita Takayasu. Rie Takumi/ALG, GMA News

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