Thursday, May 4, 2017

Pinay in California allegedly shot dead by 'obsessed' husband

A Filipina in Walnut Creek, California, was shot dead last week by her allegedly obsessive husband whom she had reportedly threatened to leave for good.
Roselyn Policarpio, 47, was shot multiple times on April 27, a report on SF Gate said.
The suspect, Gregory Prokopowicz, 38, was arrested and charged and is scheduled to be arraigned on Wednesday (US time). He is facing first-degree murder with an enhancement for personal and intentional discharge of a firearm charges.
report on ABC 7 said the 38-year-old Prokopowicz was arrested on Friday after a 19-hour standoff where he hid in his car after shooting the Filipina.
Prokopowicz, a separate report on East Bay Times said, had supposedly even called Policarpio's eldest son Don to tell him that he had killed their mother.
Although details are scarce regarding Policarpio's last moments, police believe she told Don that she was leaving Prokopowicz for good the day before he shot her.
Obsessive, abusive
Don told East Bay Times that Prokopowicz was obsessed with Policarpio, whose continued interactions with her children after their marriage provoked the suspect.
Policarpio, who moved her family to California in 2008 to work for Cypress Semiconductor Corp. and eventually McAfee, met the suspect when she had to stay in Concord to work for the American College of Nursing in 2013.
She met Prokopowicz and eventually left her husband, Armando, of 28 years to be with the then-student of the nursing school.
Mr. Policarpio said he knew then that the suspect wasn't just in love with his wife but was "obsessed" with the Filipina, who became more reclusive and later on reported abuse from Prokopowicz to her family.
The abuse escalated in January, when Prokopowicz would allegedly call Mr. Policarpio to tell him that he knew where he lived.
Policarpio was remembered by her former co-workers at McAfee as a "gentle and quiet spirit" whose death "deeply saddened" her employer of some years.
Her family set up a GoFundMe page to raise money for Policarpio's funeral expenses. Rie Takumi/KBK, GMA News

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