Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Pinoy chefs face off at Canada cooking show

Two Filipino-Canadian chefs faced off at MasterChef Canada to thin out the herd before the reality cooking show's finale next week.

Building plan examiner Jeremy Senaris beat design consultant Matthew Astorga at a dessert pressure test to advance to the show's finale on Sunday (Canada time).
recap on the Georgia Straight said Senaris beat out Astorga by perfectly replicating three citrus-infused desserts in a timed test that sent the fan-favorite Astorga home.
Senaris called Astorga a "talented dude" in an Instagram post where he hailed top 4 finalists Veronica Cham and Mary Berg, his rival for the MCC title, as his "toughest competition."

"Hold your head high... I'm glad the two of us have made Filipinos proud. #top3," he told Astorga in the post.
Senaris began cooking at a young age to learn how to replicate the dishes that his mother used to make after she was diagnosed with cancer. 

He continued to learn how to cook from his father and sister after his mother's death and hopes to one day become the head chef at his own restaurant.
If he wins the competition, Seneris will be hailed as Canada's next MasterChef and take home the $100,000 cash prize.
Astorga, on the other hand, told Woodstock Sentinel Review that Seneris' surge through the ranks took him by surprise.
“He wasn’t on my radar and all of a sudden there’s this new Jeremy who’s killing it in pressure tests," he said.
Astorga will continue a career in the culinary arts by partnering on Season 2 MasterChef champion David Jorge’s second restaurant, Sudo-Asian Kitchen.
“I had such a huge feedback on social media after my quail adobo; I have to go back to it. We’ll be using a lot of Filipino food as an influence and we’ll be elevating it," he said. Rie Takumi/KBK, GMA News

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