Monday, June 6, 2016

UK couple ties up Pinay maid after failed sex tape plot

A couple in the United Kingdom will face jail time for allegedly imprisoning their Filipino housekeeper last year after a failed attempt by the wife to have the maid sleep with her husband so that she could divorce him.
report on The Guardian said Zekri Gris was sentenced to three years in prison after he pleaded guilty to one count of false imprisonment. His wife, Dina, will be sentenced on a later date after she pleaded guilty to the same offense.
The report said the maid, Niressa De-Vicente, was initially offered £200 or more than P13,000 by Mrs. Gris to record herself having sex with Mr. Gris.
Mrs. Gris reportedly intended to use the video as evidence of infidelity to divorce her husband, who owns multiple shops including newsagents and post offices.
When De-Vicente refused, Mrs. Gris allegedly told her husband that the Filipino stole £12,000 from him. The couple then tied her up and use a knife to coerce a confession from her.
The report said De-Vicente was hired by the couple in February 2015 to be their cleaner and nanny for their four sons.
separate report on The Telegraph said Mrs. Gris filmed Mr. Gris accusing De-Vicente of stealing the money while the maid was bound with a blue clothesline on a chair.
"The video footage paints a disturbing and unattractive picture. It was just a snippet of an ordeal that lasted many, many hours which began on Wednesday 24 June, 2015 and went on until Friday morning," the report quoted Ian Penny, prosecutor, as saying.
De-Vicente was able to escape three days later and was spotted by a neighbor who heard her shouting for help.
Mr. Gris' niece told the Telegraph that the family still believed De-Vicente stole their money. She said that while her uncle regretted his actions, he "still doesn't know what's happened" to the money. —Rie Takumi/KBK, GMA News

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