Monday, July 27, 2015

Pinoy directs Korean web horror series

A Filipino director and scholar of Korea's Ministry of Culture will direct a new four-part horror series to be released on Youtube, Kakao Drum TV, and Naver TV throughout the month of August.
Nash Ang, Mirvac Film Competition winner, told GMA News Online on Friday that "Poor House" was a departure from his usual work as the internet would be its main distributor.
"Online video streaming is a good way to connect not only to the Filipino and Korean masses, but to global audiences as well... Splitting a film into a web series would make the audience bigger than limited seats in theaters," he explained.
The plot of "Poor House" was a further departure from his usual subject matter, as it focuses on the struggles of a young couple in debt and the imprint of an unknown horror residing in their new home.
While he refrained from drawing on mythologies for the story, Ang chose the modern problem of being "house poor" to structure the series.
"House poor means being relatively broke after purchasing a house or property due to the mortgage payments or other related expenses," he explained, "Although your total value and worth in assets is increasing by the mere fact that you are owning a property, your monthly liquid assets are fairly tight."
The project was originally a workshop project for Ang's Master's studies at the Korea National University of Arts in 2013, but the resulting short film was eventually screened in various international film festivals.
He admitted that production was made more difficult due to the language barrier and cultural differences between him and his all-Korean crew.
"Most of them don't speak English at all. I wasn't used to speaking Korean at the time [either]," He said.
Ang expressed confidence that Filipinos would have an easier time connecting to the work as more smartphone users turn to mobile internet for entertainment.
"We only need a faster and more accessible internet connection and it will not take too long and before you know it, we are already doing it," he said.
"Poor House" will be released every Saturday in August. — ALG, GMA News

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