Wednesday, September 23, 2015

PhilHealth : Members’ Guide for Unclaimed Refunds Now on Website

         Members and their qualified dependents who may have unclaimed refunds for their hospital confinements from 2007 to 2013 may now check on the PhilHealth website for their names and the next steps to follow to ensure immediate refund.

The list may be accessed through and the link leads the site visitor to the Unclaimed Refund webpage where basic information on the refunds is posted.
An unclaimed refund is a benefit payment that must be reimbursed by the accredited hospital to the member for a specified illness. The refund results from either an under-deduction or non-availment of benefits at point-of-service due to various circumstances at the time of hospitalization, and these have remained unclaimed by the members for some time now. The unclaimed refunds have been retrieved by PhilHealth from the accredited hospitals for immediate return to the concerned members.

Reference:  Dr. Israel Francis A. Pargas
                   OIC-Vice President, Corp. Affairs Group

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